Common reasons for a slow Seedbox

It is really common for a server to start running at slow speeds, which might e unpleasant. If you have no idea why the server is suddenly sloe, then this may help you.  When there is an issue with your Seedbox, the first thing you may notice is a slow-down in its performance.  Keep in mind that non-dedicated boxes will provide multiple runs within a shared environment. This means a host server will have limited resources when shared with a couple of individuals.  When you have a performance issue, it may be an effect of sharing one server with a number of people.  The HHD generated by the box can affect the performance and storage of your server.  When the disk is full of files, you will start experiencing an unresponsive and sluggish effect when you are online.  You can choose to upload the contents and free it up; if it’s still unresponsive you should contact the provider.

The modern processing unit that runs your server has the capability of processing information fast and parallel.  Some tasks performed on the server can cause issues with your CPU. If you use several computations at the same time, the CPU power that is allocated to your box will cause it to be slower for other users. This problem will not last you long; you’ll have to wait it out.  Sometimes, the host server will determine the amount of data you receive. This may cause some sort of congestion on your upload and download speeds.  Even though a 1gbps network is fast, it can slow down when it is used by more than one person for several tasks. Lastly, check on the memory consumption in your box to see if it is affecting the speed.  If the memory is too full, you will have RAM issues and that may slow up your speed.