Criteria for picking out the a good TTS application

Regardless of whether you are using a text to speech programme for learning, reading, voice input or other reasons; you want to ensure it produces quality speech that uses a good artificial intelligence most preferably a cloud based AI. Most applications will pressure you to meet a deadline on a book or a journal just to keep it running. You should go for software that does not time out when you are listening. If you pause during a reading, you should not expect the software to end the sentence itself. The best text to speech gives you complete control over the voice command presentations. Remember, voice commands will operate over both existing content. When you state the command before a new text, they will act on the text while when your command is on an existing or selected text it acts on that. Selection should be easy and flexible, accomplished through voice commands. You should be able to select characters, substrings, sentences, words and just about everything on your text.

Sending a direct command through voice recognition should be easy. Simple commands like replying to a text or printing an email should be a hotkey on your software. The voice recognition should be familiar with your voice and in some cases pronunciation which means you will have to spend some days voice training. Text to speech can be used as a text reader, email reader, website reader, video background and other functions. With this software you should generate some printed, shared, rich, plain and simple text on several applications. Adding a voice over on YouTube videos has become increasingly popular as it helps develop the pages of the content creators. A TTS that works hand in hand with almost all your applications on both the computer and mobile phone will provide more services. Some software will require internet connection while others will not.